Interaction Design

vcds307 Visual Communication Design III

Ceren Kayalar, Daniele Savasta

Description (course content)

Introduction to design for digital media with a human centered approach.

Students will learn the methods and the qualities of interaction design by applying them directly to design projects and training exercises.

Topics include screen based affordances and interface behaviours, mobile app, generative art, video games.

From sketches to digital prototypes the students will be challenged by the aim of using "these expressive languages to develop a much richer digital environments for their fellow citizen".

Goals (Aim of course)

Schedule Overview

Tuesday Friday
Lecture Creative Morning
Project dev and reviews Project dev and reviews
Making Research Review

Exercises examples

Reprogramming Art







Contribution to final grade

Practice: In-class exercises 20%
Presentation: Research 10%
Projects: Project 1 15%
Projects: Project 2 15%
Final Project: Project 3 40%

Contribution to project grade

Process 50%
Visual 20%
Code 30%


Developing and presenting the results of methods on-time.


Aesthetical quality of the final artifact.


Understanding of the programming development.


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