The Interaction Lab (xLab) of the Visual Communication Design department of Yasar University is a space for developing a culture in designing with digital matter.

The projects we conduct - in the fields of education and research - involve a profound multidisciplinary approach.

The areas of interests include: mobile app design and usability, tangible interfaces and embodied interaction, virtual and augmented reality, smart objects and internet of things, videogame and edugame design, device and interaction ecologies, smart textiles and generative computing, exhibit design and interactive installation, information visualization and data curation.


Exhibit which seem to think
Yasar University Research Project BAP064


Interaction Design II Spring 2016
P2: Video game console

Interaction Design I Fall 2016
P1: Indie game design
P2: Body2Body
P3: Video game controller
P4: Designing watch faces

Interaction Design II Spring 2017
P1: Hello World (sensors and printers)
P2: Video game controller
P3: Hello Museum - Exhibition at Bornova Paper and Book Art Museum

Interaction Design I Fall 2017
P1: Redesign Izmir Metro Vending Machine
P2: Vestel VMarket App Redesign
P3: Indie Platformer Game Design

Interaction Design II Spring 2018
Annotating Museum 1 - Exhibition at Muziksev
Projects not yet available

Graduation Projects
Behance collection


Designing Objects that Make us Deliriously Happy

with c. fidan tüzüm & i. fazıl akın

Designing Mobile Experience with Blind People

with the Blind Community of Izmir, Vestel, Izmir Tarih

Annotating Museum 2.2

Exhibition at Muziksev, Musical Instrument Museum in Alsançak

Annotating Museum 2.1

Exhibition at Yaşar Campus

Smart Move > New Mobilities

Presentation at Yaşar Campus with Vestel - UX Team

shaping interactions > ekmel ertan

shaping interactions > selçuk artut

Annotating Museum 1

Exhibition at Muziksev, Musical Instrument Museum in Alsançak

Redesigning Vestel VMarket

Presentation at Vestel

Arduino Day D18

Hello Museum

Exhibition at Paper and Book arts Museum in Bornova

body and gesture tracking workshop

Raspberry Pi Day Workshop

Arduino Day


The xLab provides a wide variety of electronic components for prototyping and devices for computer vision.

Full list in here



Daniele Savasta xLab Coordinator

Ceren Kayalar Researcher/Instructor

Beste Kılınç Student Researcher


Hüşyar Kuşgöz Student Researcher

Elif Melisa Boz Student Researcher

Ayda Ekin Mete Student Researcher

Gülay Avcı Student Researcher

Çakıl Ece Çakmakcı Student Researcher

Dilara Merve Kaçmaz Student Researcher

Visual Communication Design Department

Hakan Ertep Department Head

Demet Atınç Research Assistant

Orkun Destici Research Assistant

Doruk Türkmen Research Assistant